Events & Activity

Our carefully selected events and activities are designed to target and nourish all aspects of students’ intellects and enhance their skills. Every topic is tackled with visual, auditory, and hands-on activities alongside researching and the use of technology. We relate all topics, content of core subjects, and activity classes to real life, where students can use and apply what they have learned as a skill.


Employees Day

ICE Employees Day
03 rd of January 2023

A family celebration...


Traffic Town - 2021

Traffic Town - 2021
20 th of October 2022

Traffic Town - 2021...


ICE - Annual Production 2022/2023

All School
25 th of May 2022

Show case of our student year long preparation...


Spelling Bee 2

Years 4 - 6
15 th of May 2022

Short Description test...


Spelling Bee 1

Years 7 and 8
29 th of January 2022